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Sensor Game (1st to 5th graders)

Description: A game/obstacle course where a group of 4 to 5 kids, only one one can talk (the leader) (all are blind folded, and everyone but the leader can’t speak) and they must somehow communicate through a form of tapping or whatever the students come up with so they don’t go out of bounds and lose. The goal is to demonstrate how a system of sensors/people can help guide a robot/group of people through a given task.

Objectives: Understanding a system of “sensors” Understanding the role of “sensors” in robots/AI Have students teamwork and leadership grow

Materials and Instructor Preparation: Masking tape Barricade tape or barriers Blindfolds Small crate or something to climb over

Instructor Preparation-- Create an obstacle course

Instructions-- Have kids pick a “leader”, this is the only person who can talk “Winners” are groups that can navigate quickest, the most accurately, and who build a course that everyone can complete. Discussion: