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Welcome to the AI Wiki at NCSSM! This is a sharing space for educators that are using AI in their classrooms. Please add your resources and improve our current resources, ask questions, and participate in our community. Welcome!

Elementary School:
AI Sensor Game
Summer Camp Overview
Summer Camp Monday Activities
Summer Camp Tuesday Activities
Summer Camp Wednesday Activities
Summer Camp Thursday Activities
Summer Camp Friday Activities
Calypso curriculum for use with Cozmo robots - good concepts with computer vision and perception
Machine Learning for Kids - with Scratch, App Inventor, or Python - it's Scratch, with AI!

Middle School:
MIT Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Chatbots Talk to One Another
Machine Learning for Kids - with Scratch, App Inventor, or Python Natural Language Processing with Word Analogies
Neural Network Activity

High School:
Data Science in Python
Machine Learning
Robot Vision - free textbook, Deep Learning with Python
Kaggle - datasets, notebooks, competitions

GOOD NEWS/ARTICLES: - discussion of bias in algorithms - experiment with justice algorithms - Algorithms for foster care - Election Interference

PBS Crash Course in AI
Udacity AI - free and paid course resources, high quality videos