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AI CAMP DESCRIPTION: In this course for 5th and 6th graders, students will spend five days learning about and using artificial intelligence systems. Students will manipulate sensors and understand perception, sensing and how these systems can be utilized as inputs for artificially intelligent agents. Campers will train AI computers and experiment with machine learning, ideally creating output that feels natural in interactions with humans. Finally, students will grapple with ethical issues and consider how programmers, businesses, politicians, and individuals can ensure that the algorithms and AI systems we create are for the benefit of humanity. This course is taught by NCSSM's new AI Program Architect.

Drop-off between 8:30 - 9:00, pick-up between 3:30 - 4:30 Sick or Injured camper: Call XXX

DAILY SCHEDULE - 8-9, camp setup, overview for PD teachers 9am - pick up Students at Bryan Lobby 9-9:20am, settle in, ice breaker and starter activity 9:20-10:20am: first learning session + hands on creation 10:20-11:00am: computer time 11:00-11:30: AI game time 11:30-12: lunch! (students bring) - Woolworth (room is reserved 11:30-1:30) 12-12:30 outside, recess (group games with Computational Thinking strategies) - Dance studio 12:30-12:50: quiet time, books and videos 12:50-1:50: second learning session + creation 1:50-2:30: computer time 2:30-3:00: game time 3:00-3:10: questions and reflections 3:10, pack up and clean up, 3:15, head over to dismissal 3:30 - Student Drop-Off - Bryan Lobby and Lawn, waiting for parents, boredom busters 3:30-4pm - PD takeaways/reflection/setup for next camp day

THEME DAYS: Monday - Sensors and Perception, distinguishing AI from traditional computing, applications Tuesday - Representation and Reasoning, thinking about Data Wednesday - Train AI systems and experiment with Machine Learning Thursday - Natural Human Interaction Friday - Ethical AI