Summer Camp Wednesday Activities

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Today’s topic: Train AI systems and experiment with Machine Learning


DAILY SCHEDULE - 8-9, camp setup, PD teacher overview 830-9am - pick up Students at Bryan Lobby, Ralph is with campers 9-9:20am, settle in, ice breaker and starter activity: shady route!

9:20-10:20am: first learning session + hands on creation Algorigthm Neural Network Learning Training/testing Supervised (find requested output) / unsupervised learning (find hidden patterns) - play! - labeling data

Spatial drawing lesson - making 3D representations of our world

10:20-11:00am: computer time - working on our final project (sticky board), Scratch - make an experience with an AI component

11:00-11:30: AI game time: board games, students may continue working with computers

11:30-12: lunch! (students bring) - Woolworth (room is reserved 11:30-1:30) 12-12:30 recess - Neuron Tag


12:30-12:50: quiet time, books and videos Brain Games: illusion confusion

12:50-1:50: second learning session + creation: Where does the data come from? Practice time, AI vs General AI AI is in movies and video games! Pixar in a Box

1:50-2:30: computer time: **If kids need a break, swap game and computer time** Scratch + Makey Makey, Cognimates, controllers

2:30-3:00: snack and game time (one snack plus apple, one drink) Board games, outside games (follow energy level of group)

3:00-3:10: questions and reflections 3:10, pack up and clean up, 3:15, head over to dismissal 3:30 - Student Drop-Off - Bryan Lobby and Lawn, waiting for parents, boredom busters 3:30-4pm - PD takeaways/reflection/setup for next camp day